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 V1280 Rotary Cutter

  • Centre section tires are adjustable so that they can be placed outside the tractor tire tracks.

  • Wing gauge wheels include a precise levelling adjustment and rubber shock bumper. New wing wheel design allows for free movement in all directions.

  • A single hydraulic cylinder is used to lift both wings, however each wing section can follow ground contours independently of the other.

  • Extra large 12.5L X 15 tires provide outstanding floatation even in wet conditions.

  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower the machine. These cylinders avoid the rusting problems that often occur with single acting hydraulic cylinders.

  • The lift linkage for the main frame provides enough range to lower the machine into a 25" furrow and still provide good transport clearance.


Specifications V1280 Rotary Cutter

Cutting width 127" (3226 mm) or (3.226 m)
Overall width 138" (3505 mm) or (2.505 m)
Cutting width 182"
Cutting height 1 ½" to 13"
Transport clearance 3"
Overall transport width 104"
Overall transport height 82"
Shipping weight, wet 3509 lbs.
Hitch weight transport 1298 lbs.
Cutting capacity 2" diameter material
Minimum tractor HP 60 60
Blade tip speed 540 rpm
Wings 783 rpm15,268 ft/min
Center 2430 rpm13,995 ft/min.
Wing working range 8° down to 25° up
Blade overlap 7"
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