Schulte 2500 Giant Rock Picker


A large capacity picker available in standard or contractor configurations.

  • Large 1.93 m³ (2.5 cubic yard) hopper holds approximately 3.25 tonne of rock.
  • Durable tapered T-iron grate with 38 mm (1 1/2”) thick teeth eliminates jamming while allowing soil to sift through for clean rock picking.
  • Batt tubing has 10 mm (3/8”) thick walls.
  • Wrap around, hard surfaced batt teeth offer strength and wear resistance.
  • Large heavy wire springs hold batts firmly in position and cushion shock loads. Spring coil diameter is reduced at the ends to minimize the possibility of breaking the spring hooks.
  • Floating grate protects the machine from damage due to large immovable rocks.
  • Pivoting hitch pole allows the machine to be quickly moved from the offset picking position to a centred transport position.
  • Large 16.5L X 16.1 tyres provide superior flotation.
  • Rugged and reliable Char-Lynn 2000 series hydraulic motor.
  • Contractor version includes heavy duty 150 mm (6”) round super-batts and replaceable teeth on the pick-up grate.
  • Optional hydraulic swing hitch to open and close the machine without leaving the tractor seat. Great for getting through narrow gates or around obstacles.
  • Full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


* Instant tax write off savings are based on the recommended retail pricing for the 2500 Giant Contractor Spec and the Company Tax rate of 27.5% for qualifying Australian businesses meeting ATO guidelines.

2500 Giant Specifications


2254 kg (4970 lbs.)

Overall length

5207 mm (17’ 10")

Width with tyres

2896 mm (9’ 6”)

Width less tyres

2311 mm (7’ 7”)

Hopper capacity

1.93 m3 (2.5 cubic yards)

Picking width

1524 mm (5”)

Dumping height

1245 mm (4’ 1”)

Tyre size

16.5L x 16.1

Tractor requirements

Minimum 85 HP (63 kW), Dual hydraulics, Closed centre or load sensing hydraulic pump with 45 L/min (12 G/min) oil flow (optional kits available if pump requirements not met)

Normal maximum ground speed

6.4 km/h (4 mph)

Recommended reel speed

34-37 RPM

Picks rocks

5cm - 69cm (2" - 27")

Optional hydraulic swing hitch kit makes for easy folding and unfolding of the picker.

There's nothing tougher than Schulte's super batts on the contractor models.

Replaceable pickup teeth on contractor models.

Heavy duty batt springs are standard on both models.

A Giant at work...

Both of these videos were shot during a start-up of a 2500 Giant Contractor. As part of our normal delivery service, we get the machine working on the owner's tractor and teach them how to use it.

Whilst the conditions weren't ideal, the paddock had been filled with soil and rock from another location and had received 40mm of rain just a few days before, you can get a good idea of the performance of a Schulte 2500 Giant Rock Picker.

What do our customers say?

Don't just take our word for's what some of our customers say about their Schulte...


"I’ve got a little project paddock I’ve been working on over the last three years, for the purposes of pasture improvement. Each year I’ve cultivated then harrowed, windrowed and rock picked about a third of the paddock.

I’m averaging around 50t per hectare of rock removed but the paddock is far from uniform. Three quarters plus of each third of the paddock has little to no rock at all (maybe two hoppers in a Giant 2500). However, I am putting your machines into some pretty extreme situations in other parts of the paddock where I am removing approximately 200 tonnes per hectare or rock in parts

The photos show the before and after taken from the same spot. What I worked up last year is in the background. It stayed dry enough for long enough last year to get the whole lot cleaned up in the year of cultivation and five months after working up, rock picking and seeding, I made 15 bales of silage per hectare without issues for my hay making contractor and without the paddock being rolled at all!

We’ve had little by way of breakdowns. The picker broke a batt spring this year and sheared the key on the drive motor clean in half, but back up and running within the hour. On the SWR1400 I haven’t done a thing at all, except maybe 10 shear bolts in the pto shaft per year."


Ben Zander, Wroxton Partners, Angaston, S.A.


"I got into my paddock for a few hours yesterday and picked up about 30 tonne. I am getting on very well with the picker. I can't believe how well it works, especially on smaller rocks. Much better than my last one (it was a mid-90s conveyor picker). I would recommend it to anyone."

Ken Howard, Crookwell, NSW.