Schulte GX-150 Rotary Cutter


A general duty unit built Schulte tough

  • A single domed 10-gauge continuously welded deck makes this cutter extremely easy to clean, prevents water pooling and rusting, helps shed debris as you cut and weighs less than double decks.
  • Deck protection rings protect the cutter deck from blade impact.
  • Heavy duty 19 mm thick blade discs with 100 mm wide blades and Schulte’s exclusive pentagon blade bolts.
  • Schulte’s Super Suction Blades with 6.5” blade overlap and high blade tip speeds lift the grass for a superior cut.
  • Available in 540 or 1000 RPM drive.
  • A four-gearbox drive line with independent slip clutches. The GX-150 utilises the latest heavy-duty and extremely reliable Bondioli gearboxes with oil level sight glass on the rotor boxes. The splitter is rated at 260 HP. The centre and wing boxes are rated at 210 HP.
  • An 80° CV shaft allows for smooth power transmission during tight turns. The 540 RPM cutter has a Category 6 shaft and the 1000 RPM has a Category 5. The driveline employs self-adjusting friction clutches to protect your investment and always operate at peak performance.
  • Standard with 20” solid laminated tyres with the option of 26” laminated or forklift tyres.
  • Safety first with single chains and half rubber flaps front and rear.
  • Narrow transport width of 2.36 m.


* Instant tax write off savings are based on the recommended retail pricing and the Company Tax rate of 27.5% for qualifying Australian businesses meeting ATO guidelines.

GX-150 Specifications

Cutting width

4.57 m (15’)

Overall width

4.83 m (15’ 10”)

Overall length

5.13 m (16’ 10”)

Transport width

2.36 m (7’ 9”)

Transport height

2.13 m (7’)

Deck thickness

10 GA (0.135", 3.4 mm)


 2096 kg

Hitch weight

772 kg (1702 lbs.)

Minimum tractor HP

50 HP (37 kW)

Recommended tractor HP

85 HP (63 kW)

Tractor PTO speed

540 or 1000 RPM

Cutting height

45 mm - 425 mm (1.75" - 16.75")

Cutting capacity

101.6 mm (4")

Blade overlap

165.1 mm (6.5")

Divider gearbox rating

260 HP (194 kW)

Centre & wing gearbox rating

210 HP (157 kW)

Blade tip speed 540 RPM



4964 m/min (16286 ft/min)


4711 m/min (15459 ft/min)

Blade tip speed 1000 RPM



4996 m/min (16390 ft/min)


4788 m/min (15708 ft/min)

Wing working range

25° down to 90° up

Wing floating range

25° down to 30° up

Drive Size Main

Cat. 5CV (1000 RPM), Cat. 6 CV (540 RPM)

Drive Size Centre & Wings

Category 5

Side Skirt Depth & Thickness

346 mm (13.63") & 6.35 mm (1/4”)


Rubber grommet 3 puck system

Schulte GX-150 at work

Schulte are committed to an extensive testing program before releasing any new model. Here are two videos of the GX-150 being put through its paces before being released to the market.