Rock Removal


Let’s face it – when your paddock is covered in rocks it’s practically useless. Crops won’t grow well. Machines get damaged. Stock get injured. Safety is compromised. Get rid of them with Schulte rock removal equipment and reap the benefits of greater productivity from your land.

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Rock Rake


Rock Rake


Rock Rake

Spartan RWP-1935 Rock Windrower Picker

8’ wide, three-point linkage.

10’ wide, trailed unit.

14’ wide, trailed unit.

Ultimate Rock Picking Machine



RS320 Jumbo

Rock Picker

2500 Giant

Rock Picker

High Rise 8000

Rock Picker

5000 Titan

Rock Picker

3.2 cubic yard hopper, conveyor pickup.

2.5 cubic yard hopper. Available in standard or contractor models.

3 cubic yard hopper with 8’ dump height to load trucks with ease.

5 cubic yard hopper. This big boy is the ultimate rock picking machine!