Schulte Slasher & Rotary Cutter FX520

Unsurpassed Cutting Performance

  • The five rotor design optimizes cutting performance, increases productivity and delivers extremely even distribution over competitors 20' models.
  • Unique 6 gear box layout, 260hp divider box, 190hp down boxes, 1000rpm driveline gives unsurpassed cutting performance with higher cut speeds.
  • 5 slip clutches, 1 at each down box protects the drive line. Also, shear pin at the input shaft on the divider box.
  • Continuously welded 7ga modular deck design improves strength and reduces rusting.
  • Hitch Lift Assist helps to lift the mower over obstacles so as to prevent undue stress on blades and down shafts.
  • A hydraulic phasing cylinder system ensures an accurate parallel lift across the cutter.

Schulte Slasher & Rotary Cutter FX520 Specifications

Cutting width240" (6.1m)
Overall width247" maximum (6.2m)
Overall length242" maximum (6.15 m)
Cutting height2" - 17.5" (51mm - 445mm)
Overall Transport width91" (2.32m)
Overall Transport height120" (3.05m)
Shipping weight, wet6525 lbs. (2,960kg)
Hitch weight, transport2280 lbs. (1,034kg)
Cutting capacity2" diameter material (51mm)
Minium tractor HP100 HP (75kW)
Blade RPM and tip speed16000 ft/min (4900m/m)
Working Range Of Wings20 degrees down to 90 degrees up
Blade overlap6" centre to wing (153 mm)