Schulte Slasher & Rotary Cutter FX530

  1. 30' of mowing and shredding excellence
  2. Accommodates 30", 32", 36" and 38" row spacings
  3. Excellent shredding & distribution capabilities on fixed knife units
  4. Unique drive layout with a clutch and every rotor head gearbox.
  5. Spun formed pans available on pan unit
  6. Floating hitch with rubber grommet rear suspension
  7. Phasing system for a parallel lift cut
  8. Non-adjustable clutches provide low maintenance
  9. Available cyclone deck debris fan kit
  10. 350hp, 60° splitter gearbox allows for unique driveline layout





Schulte Slasher & Rotary Cutter FX530 – Features

Standard Features

Bondioli gearboxes, deck protection rings on center and inner wings, replaceable skid shoes, Pentagon bolt design, easy to replace safety chains, parallel tongue on hitch, 6 gearbox layout, 5 slip clutches, Continuously welded 10 ga deck, Rotor layout optimises cutting performance. Increase in field efficiency with larger mower, less fuel, easy to use safety lock-up, moveable wheel standards, narrow transport, 1/2 x 4 super updraft blade, fixed knive shred & pulverise material, front castor wheels support front wing and reduce wing bounce.

The shredding action with the FX-530 fixed knife mower aids in faster decomposition of the material in the fields.

Walking Axles Shown

Row Crop Axles Shown

Schulte Slasher & Rotary Cutter FX530 Specifications

Cutting width365" (9.3m)
Overall width377" (9.6m)
Overall length236" (6m)
Transport width118" (3m)
Transport width (row crop wheel)153" (3.88m)
Transport height176" (4.5m)
Transport height (hyd folding wing tips)153" (3.9m)
Deck thickness10GA (3.4mm)
Weight5580kg (depending on config)
Hitch weight2041kg (depending on config)
Minimum tractor HP200hp (149kW)
Cutting height2"-15" (51mm - 381mm)
Cutting capacity2" (51mm)
Blade overlap6" (152mm)
Divider gearbox Rating350hp (261kW)
Blade tip speed16,300 ft/min
Wing working range16o down to 21o up
Skirt thickness1/4" (6.4mm)





Schulte Slasher & Rotary Cutter FX530 Options

Single or double front chains, single or double rear chains, rear belting, front belting, pans, fixed knife bars with shrouds, 3m wheel extensions, row crop wheel extensions, non walking axles, walking axles, hyd folding wing tips, light truck tyres, implement tyres, Cyclone Deck Debris Fan Kit