Side Eject Option

Schulte Sales Australia has the solution for macadamia plantations, orchardists and horticulturalist looking to maximise moisture retention by using cut grass as mulch on tree beds. Our side eject option changes the flow of cut material from being spread across the width of the cutter deck to exiting the cutter out the side where it spreads across the tree bed or into a windrow.

  • Available on all models from 7’ to 24’.
  • Custom built to each machine.
  • Side eject either side or both sides.
  • More than just cutting a hole in the side, the under-deck baffle plates, deck mounted vents and adjustable chute design give a better flow of cut material and to prevent accidental bodily contact with the blades.
  • Built in air vents to give suction and flow to cut material.
  • Adjustable flap to control the distance that cut material is thrown.
  • Compliant with workplace health and safety regulations with the chute being replaced by a solid panel when not used in side eject mode.

What do our customers say...

"Without doubt the best 7' slasher we have ever used."

Hinkler Park Plantation

Bundaberg, Qld