Schulte 5000 Titan Rock Picker

The Ultimate Rock Picking Machine!

The reliability of Schulte rock pickers is the result of over 50 years of experience in the rock removal field. Top quality workmanship and materials combined with rugged, heavy duty construction result in years of trouble-free service. The 5000 Titan is the pinnacle of development over the last 50 years.

The 5000 Titan employs separate grate and dump cylinders. The unique dump cylinders maximize lift geometry and produce lower loading of the frame during dumping. This unit also features a floating grate, adjustable rock deflector and larger, heavier duty springs and batts.

The 5000 Titan features a zero-maintenance heavy duty Magnaloy Hytrel Flexible Coupler used between the motor and reel shaft. The coupler helps to extend the life of the motor by reducing loads on bearings and shafts. The coupler solves the alignment issue with a direct drive motor to ensure smooth performance for years to come.

  • Spend more time picking and less time dumping.
  • Super wide 2133 mm (7') grate with wide or narrow spacing options.
  • Huge 3.82 m3 (5 cu. yd.) bucket (actual stone picking capacity) holds approximately 6.5 tonne of rock.
  • Standard with super heavy duty batts, replaceable teeth on the pickup and hydraulic swing hitch.
  • Big 22.5L x 16.1 14 ply tires for flotation to handle the loaded weight.
  • 1981 mm (6’ 6”) tall dump height for larger piles and truck loading.
  • 450 BHN Steel teeth and T-iron tops for extra-long life.
  • Greater range of grate movement (lower picking, and higher lift).
  • Heavy Duty Magnaloy Hytrel coupling for Direct Drive Motor.
  • Required tractor hydraulic capacity at 4 remote outlets, 57 L/m (15 GPM) @ 15168 KPA (2200 psi), closed centre hydraulics with oil dump line fitted to tractor.
  • Full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

The high capacity 5000 Titan is well suited to broadacre work.

The Titan will pick rock from the size of a tennis ball up to a small esky.

High capacity heavy duty hydraulic cylinders have no trouble lifting up to 10 tonne of rock.

With a 5 cubic yard bin it doesn't take long to create a mountain of rock.

5000 Titan Specifications and Pricing


4060 kg (8930 lbs.)

Overall length

6477 mm (21’ 3”)

Width with tyres

4038 mm (13’ 3”)

Width less tyres

3226 mm (12’ 7”)

Dumping height

2007 mm (6’ 7”)

Grate width

2134 mm (7’)

Hopper capacity

3.82 m3 (5 cu. yds.)

Tire size

22.5L x 6.1 x 14ply

Tractor requirements

Minimum 125 HP (93 kW), Four hydraulic circuits, non-pressurised case drain, Closed centre or load sensing hydraulic pump with 57 L/min (15 G/min) oil flow (optional kits available if pump requirements not met)

Recommended reel speed

36 RPM

Picks rocks

5cm - 69cm (2” - 27”)

Current Price


*Price is quoted ex-Wellington and includes GST. Price subject to change without notice. Unit options and delivery costs additional. Click on the enquire now icon for our best price delivered to you.

The 5000 Titan features extra heavy duty batt springs.

Heavy duty direct drive hydraulic motor handles the toughest conditions.

The Magnaloy Hytrel Coupling transfers power from the motor to the batts without fuss.

The batts on the Titan are the toughest on the market. The pickup teeth are replaceable in the event of breakage.

The Titan at work...

This 5000 Titan is on its first load being operated by its new owners. As part of our normal delivery service, we connect the machine to the owners tractor and teach the owner how to operate the machine.

This video courtesy of Schulte Industries Ltd.

What do our customers say?

Don't just take our word for's what some of our customers say about their Schulte...

"We bought one of the first Titan's in Australia. After picking up thousands of hectares we decided to upgrade to a Series 2 model. We're very happy with the product and the service from the team in Wellington. Even though they are on the other side of the country they have always been great to deal with and get things done quickly."

Peter Horwood, Horwood's Lockier River Farm, Mingenew, W.A.