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Schulte Sales Australia is an Agricultural Distributorship that imports, assembles and distributes machines throughout Australia and New Zealand. The product range consists specifically of Agricultural and Industrial Slashers and Rock Removal Equipment.

The slashers range in size from 7ft through to 42ft in width. The types and applications of the slashers vary. Schulte’s market targets the agricultural sector from small acreage farmers to large broad acre operations. Citrus, mango and macadamia orchards down the eastern seaboard as well as tea-tree and sandalwood plantations at Kunnunara W.A., Government Departments, Local Councils and Airports as well as several large highway slashing contractors in Victoria and NSW also use Schulte slashers.

Our rock removal range includes three rock windrowers and four rock pickers. The windrowers range from an 8’ linkage model to a 14’ trailing machine. Our rock pickers include conveyor and reel pickers with a range of hopper sizes and dump heights. Different models can make piles in the paddock or dump directly into a tip truck. Many of our clients choose the contractor option which boasts super-duty batts and replaceable pickup teeth.

We enjoy a strong market share in this area having the reputation of building the heaviest machines in the marketplace. We have sold machines across Australia and New Zealand. We not only market direct, but also have a dealer network spread across both countries.

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