Schulte 5026 Rotary Cutter

Proven reliability and performance since 1992.

Schulte Cutters are renowned for being the toughest and most dependable slashers on the market. The 5026 continues this tradition at an economical price and is a popular unit for stubble mulching and airport work. Schulte owners appreciate the high-performance features of their cutter:

  • A 10 gauge reinforced deck offers high strength and keeps the weight under control.
  • A narrow transport width makes moving this unit extremely safe. 
  • 1000 RPM with 80° CV drive in 1⅜” 21 spline or 1¾” 20 spline at the same price.
  • The five-rotor design optimises cutting performance, increases productivity and delivers extremely even distribution.
  • Unique 6 gear box layout, 260 HP divider box, 190 HP down boxes, 1000 RPM driveline gives unsurpassed cutting performance with higher cut speeds. Our drivelines utilise the latest heavy-duty and extremely reliable Bondioli gearboxes with oil level sight glass on the rotor boxes for convenient maintenance checks.
  • The low maintenance drive line is protected by 5 slip clutches, 1 at each down box, and a shear pin at the input shaft on the divider box.
  • 80° CV shaft allows for smooth power transmission during tight turns.
  • 6 mm deck protection rings protect the deck from blade impact.
  • Aussie spec units come standard with Schulte’s exclusive Fixed Knife T-bar Mulching System. Spun formed 7-gauge stump jumpers (round skid pans) with single updraft or mulching blades are available as an option.
  • Schulte Industries exclusive Pentagon Blade Bolt provides maximum anti rotational resistance where the blade is fastened to the stump jumper pans.
  • Standard with Super Suction 1/2" x 4” blades that leave nothing behind. Schulte blades are strengthened through a hardening process which increases the impact strength of the blade. The blade is chamfered around the blade bolt hole to provide a smooth transition of surfaces around the high stress blade bolt area. The blades are also shot peened to induce beneficial compressive surface stresses over the entire length of the blade. This enhances the durability and extends the fatigue life of the blade. The cutting edge is forged giving it a stronger and tougher edge thereby extending the life of the blade.
  • Hitch Lift Assist helps to lift the mower over obstacles to prevent undue stress on blades and down shafts.
  • Deep side skirts, extended blade overlap and high blade tip speeds for the best cutting performance and material flow.
  • Wing working range from -15° to 45°.
  • Hydraulic phasing cylinder system ensures an accurate parallel lift across the cutter.
  • Safety first with single chains and half rubber flaps front and rear and durable driveline covers.
  • Extremely strong and durable hubs and spindles with built in metal seal guards allow this cutter to tackle any type of terrain.
  • Standard with six used aircraft tyres. Other tyre options available.
  • Rubber puck suspension system reduces stress on the cutter and tractor.
  • All pivot points use 1" greaseable pins. Steel spring bushes at all vital pivot points.
  • Two-piece replaceable skid shoes made from 10 mm thick abrasion resistant steel.
  • Schulte has many hitch options including clevis hitch, an adjustable clevis, precision hitch or solid tongue to help create a better fit & reduce wear on your tractor's drawbar.

The 5026 is a popular model for mulching cotton stalks. Wheel spacings are adjustable for row crops. This unit is fitted with the optional Cyclone deck fan system.

Mulching stubble helps return nutrients to the soil and holds in moisture over summer months.

The 5026 is equally at home cutting airports and pasture topping.

All Schulte slashers 20' and above feature adjustable wheel spacings for row crop work.

5026 Specifications and Pricing

Cutting width

7.98 m (26' 2")

Overall width

8.15 m (26' 9")

Overall length

5.13 m (17' 1”)

Transport width

2.98 m (9’ 9”)

Transport height

3.76 m (12’ 4")

Cutting height

25 mm - 356 mm (1" - 14")

Cutting capacity

51 mm (2")

Approximate weight

3,583 kg

Hitch weight

1,089 kg

Deck thickness

10 GA (0.134", 3.4 mm)

Side skirt depth 


Power Divider gear box rating

260 HP (194 kW)

Centre & Wing gearbox rating

190 HP (142 kW)

Blade tip speed - 1000 RPM

Centre 4,596 m/min (15,079 ft/min), Wings 4,663 m/min (15,300 ft/min)

Blade overlap

152 mm (6")

Wing working range

15° down to 45° up

Wing floating range

15° down to 40° up

Drive size - tractor shaft

Category 7 CV

Drive size - Centre box

 Category 5

Drive size - Inside wing box

Category 6

Drive size - Outside wing box

Category 5

Recommended tractor HP

120 HP (90 kW)


Single Chains & Half Rubber Flaps Front & Rear


Rubber grommet 3 puck system (3 sets)  

Current Price - Pan unit with single blades OR Fixed knife T-Bar mulching unit


Options Pricing


Mulching Blades in lieu of singles


Side Eject Option (per side)


Cyclone Fan Kit


*Price is quoted ex-Wellington and includes GST. Price subject to change without notice. Unit options and delivery costs additional. Click on the enquire now icon for our best price delivered to you.


Blade pans are available as an option for general grass cutting. Mulching blades can be fitted to the pans.

50° splitter allows for unique rotor layout.

Available with walking wheels (shown) or adjustable row crop wheels.

Schulte's exclusive Fixed Knife T-Bar Mulching system. Key components are shown in black.

5026 Side Eject Option

Our side eject option has been designed in Australia for plantations, orchards and horticulturalists requiring cut material to be spread under trees as a mulch layer. The system features an adjustable exit chute to control how far cut material is thrown. When not used as a side eject cutter, the chute is removed and replaced with a side skirt shield to meet safety regulations. The side eject option is available now and made to order.

The 5026 at work

Luke Andries from Schulte Industries gives us a detailed look at the 5026


The 5026 does a great job in cotton. Here you can see the benefit of our adjustable wheel spacings to suit different row widths. Video courtesy Schulte Industries Ltd.


Whilst being an excellent mulcher, the 5026 is equally at home cutting grass. Here, a 5026 teams up with an FX-742 at Edmonton Airport. Video courtesy Schulte Industries Ltd.

What do our customers say?

Schulte Industries captured this unscripted testimonial from a Schulte 5026 owner at a field day.