All loaded up and ready to roll

Posted By Tony  
Friday August 21 2020
15:30 PM

Forgive the dirty's been raining and there's more coming!

Have a look at these three stunning units loaded up and ready for delivery to Hinkler Park macadamia plantations across Queensland. These slashers feature our new locally developed and tested side-eject system that throws the cut grass out both sides to provide mulch to the macadamia trees. So far we have put this option on 7', 15', 26' and the 18' & 24' machines on the truck. Combined with twin mulching blades they provide an excellent mulch layer to reduce reflected heat on the trees, improve moisture retention and return nutrients to the soil.

If you have a need for the very best mulching slasher with side eject in a size to suit your plantation or orchard you shouldn't go past a Schulte. World Class...Built to Last.

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