Schulte FX-107 Rotary Cutter


Versatile and tough 7’, Single Rotor Domed Deck Mower

  • 7 Foot, Single Rotor Domed Deck Mower.
  • Rigid 7-gauge deck construction.
  • Base unit common to all configurations.
  • Trailing and 3-point linkage options.
  • Larger pan with shorter blades provides more durability.
  • 540 RPM drive, heavy duty gear box and drive line.
  • Trailing model can accept open clevis, solid tongue, adjustable clevis or precision hitch options.
  • Tyre options on trailing model: solid laminate, severe duty, severe duty foam filled or forklift tyres.
  • Solid laminate castor tyres on 3-point linkage model.
  • Double safety chains standard front and rear on all units.
  • Optional mulching blades available for a finer finish.


* Instant tax write off savings are based on the recommended retail pricing of the FX-107 trailing hitch model and the Company Tax rate of 27.5% for qualifying Australian businesses meeting ATO guidelines.

The domed deck makes for easy cleaning and water dispersal.

Stump jump pans, updraft blades and deck protection rings are standard.

Schulte's super-suction blades hold material in the unit longer for a finer cut.

Heavy duty Gearbox, same unit as on our XH-1500 Series 4 Industrial Grade Cutter.

FX-107 Specifications

Cutting width

2.13 m (7’)

Overall width

2.43 m (7’ 8”)

Overall length

4.41 m (14’ 5.5”) Trailing Unit

Transport clearance

26.7 cm (10.5")

Cutting height

7.6 cm - 33 cm (3" - 12 7/8")

Cutting capacity

7.6 cm (3")

Approximate weight

Trailing - 912 kg (2010 lbs.), 3 Point - 898 kg (1980 lbs.)

Hitch type

Cat. II & III 3 Point / Trailing Pull

Deck thickness

7 GA (3/16", 4.6 mm)

Side skirt thickness

6.35 mm x 347 mm (1/4" x 13.69")

Gear box rating

210 HP (157 kW)

Blade tip speed

540 RPM - 17086 FPM

Tractor PTO speed


Tractor size required

85 HP (63 kW) for linkage model

50 HP (37.3 kW) for trailing model


Double Chain Front and Rear

Open clevis hitch.

Precision hitch.

Solid tongue hitch.

Safety chains for personal protection and heavy duty skids to protect the slasher.

An FX-107 at work 

Thanks to Oliver Shoemark from OS Trees for supplying this drone footage of his FX-107 at work in Bathurst NSW. The 107 is working in tandem with an FX-1800 15' folding wing unit.