Schulte FX-520 Rotary Cutter 


Unsurpassed cutting performance from a 5-rotor 20’ cut, the best 20’ cutter in Australia

  • The five-rotor design optimises cutting performance, increases productivity and delivers extremely even distribution over competitors 20' models.
  • Unique 6 gear box layout, 260 HP divider box, 190 HP down boxes, 1000 RPM driveline gives unsurpassed cutting performance with higher cut speeds.
  • The low maintenance drive line is protected by 5 slip clutches, 1 at each down box, and a shear pin at the input shaft on the divider box.
  • Continuously welded 7 GA modular deck design improves strength and reduces rusting.
  • Hitch Lift Assist helps to lift the mower over obstacles to prevent undue stress on blades and down shafts.
  • Hydraulic phasing cylinder system ensures an accurate parallel lift across the cutter.
  • Available in a fixed knife shredder configuration or with stump jumper pans.
  • Exclusive pentagon blade bolt design for added strength and wear resistance.
  • Deck protection rings to prevent blade to deck contact.
  • Steel spring bushes at all vital pivot points.
  • Standard with single wheels on centre deck and wings (as pictured above). Dual wheels/walking beam axles optional.


* Instant tax write off savings are based on the recommended retail pricing and the Company Tax rate of 27.5% for qualifying Australian businesses meeting ATO guidelines.

FX-520 Specifications

Cutting width

6.1m (20’)

Overall width

6.2m (20’ 7”)

Overall length

6.15m (20’ 2”)

Cutting height

51mm - 445mm (2" - 17.5")

Overall transport width

2.32m (7’ 7”)

Overall transport height

3.05m (10’)

Shipping weight, wet

2,960kg (6525 lbs.)

Hitch weight, transport

1,034kg (2280 lbs.)

Cutting capacity

51mm (2") diameter material

Tractor size required

115 HP (86 kW)

Blade RPM and tip speed

4900m/min (16000 ft/min)

Working range of wings

20° down to 90° up

Blade overlap

153 mm (6") centre to wing

Exclusive patent pending Pentagon Blade Bolt design makes for easy fitting and removal of blades.

Schulte's super suction blades pull up material in tractor wheel tracks.

Mulching blades and Schulte's exclusive Fixed Knife technology combine for superior stubble mulching results.

Mulching blades push material through the fixed knife resulting in a finer cut.

An FX-520 at work 

These two videos were shot on a dairy in southern Victoria. The FX-520 is on it's start-up run. It is fitted with the optional mulching blades to give a finer finish and will be used for pasture topping to maintain required pasture growth rates.