High Rise 8000 Specifications

8' dump height with super large 3 cubic yard hopper so you can spend more time picking and less time running to the dump site.

  • Build larger stone piles! Load trucks with ease!
  • 2.29 m3 (3 cubic yard) hopper holds approximately 3.9 tonne of rock.
  • Durable tapered T-iron grate with 38 mm (1 1/2") thick teeth eliminates jamming while allowing soil to sift through for clean rock picking.
  • Batt tubing has 10 mm (3/8") thick walls with wrap around, hard surfaced teeth for greater strength and wear resistance.
  • Large, heavy wire springs hold batts firmly in position and cushion shock loads. Spring coil diameter is reduced at the ends to minimize the possibility of breaking the spring hooks.
  • Floating grate protects the machine from damage due to large immovable rocks.
  • Pivoting hitch pole allows the machine to be quickly moved from the offset picking position to a centred transport position.
  • Large 16.5L X 16.1 10 ply tires provide superior flotation.
  • Flow Control - a 0-56.8 L/m (0-15 GPM) flow control valve helps to control the reel speed. This option is useful on tractor models where hydraulic flow is not adjustable.
  • The Schulte High Rise 8000 is hydraulically driven using a rugged Char-Lynn 2000 series hydraulic motor in combination with a flow control valve for reel speed adjustment and a crossover relief valve to cushion shock loads.
  • Grated hopper bottom helps sift out as much dirt as possible.
  • Three batt reel with high trip clearance provides superior performance in large rocks.
  • Optional hydraulic swing hitch to open and close the machine without leaving the tractor seat. Great for getting through narrow gates or around obstacles.
  • Full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

The 2.4 m dump height gives the High Rise 8000 an imposing presence.

High capacity hydraulic cylinders make for quick, easy dumping.

Hard at work swallowing rock of all sizes.

The extra dump height makes for easy unloading into a trailer or truck. (European model with additional shielding shown)

High Rise 8000 Specifications and Pricing


2929 kg (6458 lbs.)

Overall length

5816 mm (19’ 1”)

Overall width with tyres

2921 mm (9’ 7")

Hopper capacity

2.29 m3 (3 cu. yds.)

Picking width

1524 mm (5’)

Dumping height

2438 mm (8’)

Tyre size

16.5L x 16.1 x 10 ply (standard)

Tractor requirements

Minimum 85 HP (63 kW), Dual hydraulics, Closed centre or load sensing hydraulic pump with 45 L/min (12 G/min) oil flow (optional kits available if pump requirements not met)

Recommended reel speed

34-36 RPM

Pick rocks

5 cm - 69 cm (2" - 27")

Current Price - Contractor Spec




*Price is quoted ex-Wellington and includes GST. Price subject to change without notice. Unit options and delivery costs additional. Click on the enquire now icon for our best price delivered to you.

Heavy duty batt springs are standard on both models.

There's nothing tougher than Schulte's super batts on the contractor models.

Replaceable pickup teeth on contractor models.

Optional hydraulic swing hitch kit makes for easy folding and unfolding of the picker.

The High Rise at work...

These two videos were shot during a start up of a High Rise 8000 Contractor model in 2018. As part of our normal delivery service, we connect the machine to the owner's tractor and teach them how to operate the machine. David is using his High Rise 8000 for the first time, picking up smaller loads while he gets comfortable with the way the machine operates.

This video courtesy of Schulte Industries Ltd.

What do our customers say...

Living at Grattai near Mudgee I soon learnt about how rocks can be a problem. So, to cure my OCD I researched a more efficient way of removing them from my paddocks. I had looked at using manual labour but to no avail as the younger generation don't understand the issue. My next option was to use a machine, so I set to online looking at all the different makes and models. It was here that I decided that Schulte was by far the best quality for the price. Upon contacting Neil at Schulte, I could not have had a more favourable response. Neil had given up some time out of his very tight schedule and came over from Wellington for a visit. It is here that I learnt so much more to the point that I convinced my wife that we should not only purchase a rock windrower and rock picker to help on our farm but to put it to work for other farmers. Initially it was a bit daunting but soon became second nature and the satisfaction of cleaning a paddock of rocks is a great feeling. I'm sure Darren and Tony as well as Neil had probably had enough of my consistent phone calls of advice but were always very helpful. Also I have never had a situation where they never had a part I needed (not that there's been many) and have been flexible to the point of staying at the office after hours to lend a hand or for a machinery part pickup. All in all, I am extremely pleased with the equipment and still love operating them and never get tired of the expression on farmers faces when they experience how excellent it works.

So, call Rockpicking Central on 0437354595 or 0417225948 and experience the clean paddock feeling.

Check out Rockpicking Central at work in the video below.