Spartan RWP-1935 Rock Windrower Picker

The Ultimate Rock Picking Machine!

Standard with Super-batts and replaceable teeth on pickup. Heavy duty hydraulic drive motor and Magnaloy Hytrel coupler. 4'8" pick up width. Picks rock from 2”- 27” diameter. 3.5 cu. yd. hopper. 8'7" dump height. Tractor requires minimum 4 sets hydraulics, 15 gallons/minute oil flow, closed or load sensing hydraulic pump and a case drain.

Clean up your fields efficiently with one pass, one operator, one tractor. Rock raking and picking in one operation with proven Schulte technology.

  1. Easy, on-the-fly adjustable working widths of 16’ - 19’ (4.8m - 5.8m) for a variety of applications
  2. Adjustable working depths down to 4.25” (11cm) help dislodge partially exposed stones
  3. Strong, durable, proven hard surfaced teeth and batt reels ensure rocks from 2” to 27” are picked with ease.
  4. Large, 3.5 cu yd (2.68 cu m) bucket with a dumping height of over 8 1/2’ (2.6m) for truck boxes or high piles
  5. Separate hydraulic adjustment of windrower and reel speeds for custom windrowing and picking
  6. Spring loaded 450 BNH batts and 1 1/2” (3.8cm) spaced T-Iron grate ensure minimal rock jamming
  7. A tandem axle walking wheel system provides exceptional flotation and ground following

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Spartan Specifications and Pricing


6825 kg (15015 lbs.)

Overall length

7890 mm (310”)

Width with tyres

6388 mm (252”)

Width less tyres


Dumping height

2616 mm (8’ 7”)

Picking width

15ft - 19ft adjustable

Hopper capacity

2.67 m3 (3.5 cu. yds.)

Tyre size

16.5L x 16.1 x 10ply

Tractor Size

Minimum 125 HP (93 kW)

Oil Flow

57L/min (15 Gallons/min)

Hydraulic Pump Type

Closed Centre / Load Sensing

# Remote Sets

Four PLUS case drain

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NOTE: Case drain required on tractor. Machine is supplied with Pioneer fittings on the case drain line. It is the customers responsibility to supply the required fittings to connect the Pioneer to the tractor or alternate fitting for the case drain line to suit the tractor.

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