Schulte SRW1400 Rock Windrower

Our largest windrower with roto-tilling action that breaks up lumps and levels the ground.

  • A trailing unit with a wide 4.27 m (14') working width that can be run with a tractor from 40 HP.
  • Windrows 2” to 25” rocks with ease, forming them into uniform rows ready for pick up by a Schulte Rock Picker.
  • Transports at an ultra-narrow width of 2.36 m (93") making it road legal to tow on the road (subject to your local transport regulations).
  • The windrower drum is 4.27 m (14’) wide and is constructed of 219 mm (8 5/8”) heavy wall HSS tube.
  • Patented floating drum results in excellent ground following characteristics.
  • Hard surfaced, 15.9 mm (5/8") thick x 152.4 mm (6") long teeth are welded directly to the drum pipe, resulting in problem free operation even in difficult conditions.
  • Roots, stumps, chips and other debris from land clearing operations can also be windrowed.
  • Power is supplied to the windrower drum via a heavy-duty PTO drive line which includes a slip clutch and shear bolt arrangement for protection against excessive shock loads.
  • The final drive chain is totally enclosed for longer service life.
  • The long teeth increase the combing action of the rake for superior windrowing.
  • As a bonus, the windrower has a roto-tilling action, which breaks up lumps and level the ground.
  • The side delivery frame arrangement allows the operator to better control the size of windrows, regardless of rock conditions.
  • Full one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

The SRW-1400 is ideally suited to broadacre applications.

The windrower folds up to just 2.36m wide for easy transport.

Neat rock rows and clean ground left behind - just the way we like it!

Our rock windrowers will shift stumps, timber, carcasses and anything else that gets in the way.

SRW1400 Specifications and Pricing


1588 kg (3500 lbs.)

Tractor requirements

40 - 80 HP (30 - 60 kW), 540 PTO, Dual hydraulics

Drum width

4270 mm (14’)

Maximum ground speed

8 km/h (5 mph)

Recommended ground speed

3 km/h (2 mph)

Drum speed

117 RPM @ 540 RPM input


9.5 L - 15, 6 ply

Transport width

2.36 m (93")

Transport length

5.97 m (19’ 7")

Current Price


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152 mm long teeth that are hard-faced for longevity.

The SRW-1400 will shift rock from the size of a tennis ball up to a 20 litre drum.

Use your SRW-1400 to turn rocky paddocks into productive country.

How much easier will it be to get through this paddock when these rocks are picked up?

The SRW1400 at work...

Courtesy of Schulte Industries Ltd.


What do our customers say?

Don't just take our word for's what some of our customers say about their Schulte...


"I’ve got a little project paddock I’ve been working on over the last three years, for the purposes of pasture improvement. Each year I’ve cultivated then harrowed, windrowed and rock picked about a third of the paddock.

I’m averaging around 50t per hectare of rock removed but the paddock is far from uniform. Three quarters plus of each third of the paddock has little to no rock at all (maybe two hoppers in a Giant 2500). However, I am putting your machines into some pretty extreme situations in other parts of the paddock where I am removing approximately 200 tonnes per hectare or rock in parts

The photos show the before and after taken from the same spot. What I worked up last year is in the background. It stayed dry enough for long enough last year to get the whole lot cleaned up in the year of cultivation and five months after working up, rock picking and seeding, I made 15 bales of silage per hectare without issues for my hay making contractor and without the paddock being rolled at all!

We’ve had little by way of breakdowns. The picker broke a batt spring this year and sheared the key on the drive motor clean in half, but back up and running within the hour. On the SWR1400 I haven’t done a thing at all, except maybe 10 shear bolts in the pto shaft per year."


Ben Zander, Wroxton Partners, Angaston, S.A.